Scale up, CO₂ down!
03-05 June 2024
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

District heating and cooling networks are one of Europe’s top choices to phase-out fossil fuels in buildings, putting the EU well on track to achieve its climate and energy independence goals. In recent years, unprecedented momentum has built up to support the deployment of this essential energy infrastructure in Europe.  


Providing 20% of the EU heat demand with district heating and cooling would save 24 billion cubic meters of gas by 2030, representing 32% of the EU’s Russian gas imports in 2022. To achieve this, major investments are needed to build new district heating and cooling systems, gradually introduce clean, renewable heat sources and modernise Europe’s impressive district heating and cooling network infrastructure. 


It’s no small challenge, but it is above all a huge opportunity for the district heating and cooling industry to expand its markets, to innovate, and to drive the decarbonisation of Europe’s largest energy consuming sector. Time to meet, do business and scale up the heat transition!  


The Euroheat & Power Congress aims to provide our business and local communities with all the tools needed to make this happen. 


About the Congress:

The Euroheat & Power Congress is our flagship business event. It offers exclusive, high-level perspectives on legislation, business models, technology and market developments shaping the district heating and cooling industry. It brings together over 450 business executives, more than 30 exhibitors, 85+ speakers and local authority representatives from all over Europe. 


A not-to-be-missed event for companies, start-ups, consultancies and universities active in the heating and cooling industry, and local authorities aiming to accelerate their heat transition! 


Stay tuned for the upcoming 43rd edition of the Euroheat & Power Congress in Prague from 3-5 June 2025.

Fitfor55 EU legislation  
DHC Market Outlook 2024 
Renewable and waste heat
Low-temperature DHC
Energy system integration
Renewable cooling
Diversity & equality in DHC
Project finance
EHP 70th anniversary
Industry insights

Attend a wide range of sessions, workshops, and presentations led by experts, offering in-depth knowledge on legislation, business models, technology and market developments shaping the district heating and cooling industry. All you need to know to scale-up your business, and drive the heating and cooling transition!

Networking opportunities

Connect with a diverse and influential network of 450+ professionals, including industry leaders, policymakers, and experts, fostering valuable contacts and potential partnerships. Share best practices with your peers, learning from one another’s successes and lessons learned!

Technology showcase

Walk through our exhibition area and explore cutting-edge district heating and cooling solutions and technologies from innovative and leading companies. Join the exclusive site visit on the pre-congress day, showcasing state-of-the art district heating and cooling systems!

We all know how important it is to decarbonize heating and cooling to achieve carbon neutrality and district energy is essential to make it happen.
The congress is a great opportunity to network, discuss latest trends and showcase our technologies.
Andrea Voigt, Head of Global Public Affairs, Industry Affairs & Communications, Danfoss
As a long-term industry innovator and trusted business partner, Kingspan LOGSTOR can showcase long lasting cases of district heating. We do so by engaging in dialogue with a broad number of stakeholders. The Congress is a marketplace for such a dialogue.
Kingspan Logstor
The Euroheat & Power congress is one of the best platforms to discuss sustainable heating with experts in the industry. It is a great opportunity to network with peers and actors in the industry, participate in the excellent level of plenary and round tables.
Guglielmo Cioni, VP Business Development, TVP Solar
Euroheat & Power brings together with this Congress the international industry of District Heating.
It is a great opportunity to hear about trends and get the newest market inside.
Bora Yayla, Global Head of Marketing Communications, BRUGG Pipes
It is a unique opportunity to meet international experts from industry and academia working on this interesting topic.
Anna Marszal-Pomianowska, Assistant Professor, Aalborg University
The EHP Congress is a must be place for all organizations and companies involved in district heating and sustainable energy.
You can meet the right people from the sector there, the content and gained insights are to the point and abundant, and the local energy community is connected with the international energy community at numerous event occasions and locations.
Erik De Schutter, Business Relations Industry, EnergyVille
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