A city at the heart of Europe’s economy, that’s Rotterdam. The city prides itself on its hands on mentality, but this city is so much more than just grafters and hard workers. Here you will find culture next to hard labour, a vibrant nightlife next to a high-tech manufacturing industry and architecture next to infrastructure.
Rotterdam belongs to everyone. And in Rotterdam, anything is possible. This is the city that beats to the rhythm of the heart of its residents.
Innovation and urban beauty

No challenge is too great for the people of Rotterdam. With their sleeves rolled up, they rebuilt their city and put a whole new spin on its economy.

In Rotterdam you will find high-tech manufacturing, thriving sustainable businesses and innovation in every fibre of the business world.

And all this in a city whose heart is more beautiful than ever before and full of iconic buildings that have given Rotterdam a place on in international tourist guides.

Taste Rotterdam

Culinary and culture-wise, Rotterdam is now also on the map.

On the banks of the Maas River, you will find dishes from all corners of the world. From a quick snack in multicultural suburbs to star dishes with panoramic views of the impressive skyline.

You can also indulge in leading festivals of film, poetry, art and theatre, the city has a world-class philharmonic orchestra and internationally renowned dance and theatre companies.

The museums are among the absolute best both in terms of location and collection, and when it comes to hosting international events, Rotterdam is the place to be.

The Maas River

The waters of the Maas River cut through the city. The river never stops flowing, symbolizing tenacity and perseverance.

The people of Rotterdam are not easily intimidated and do not give up. Adversity makes them tough. They build the city with an eye to the future. And water has always played a major role in this.

Rotterdam and the Maas river are a twofold entity: water brings work. It is home to the largest port outside Asia, a port that serves as an artery for the European hinterland and is vital for millions of people and for the economy of the entire European Union. The industrial area, which covers more than 100 square kilometres - all the way into the North Sea. With its direct accessibility and its intermodal transport options, modern facilities and innovative programmes, the port of Rotterdam remains the undisputed No. 1 port in Europe.

Inclusivity and opportunity

The people of Rotterdam, known as Rotterdammers, are proud. And rightly so. The city is vibrant and thriving, it breathes and moves to the rhythm of its residents.

The people make this city and will proudly show it off to anyone who visits and takes the trouble to stop, look around and get a sense of what makes this city what it is. A hotbed where people from all parts of the world have their hearts set on finding challenging, progressive and internationally leading work.

And last but not least: everyone can be who they want to be here, because in the city streets all people are Rotterdammers above all else.


The great diversity of people, dreams and ambitions in the city means Rotterdam is rich in subcultures. The city's openness to the world has shaped its culture, from the artistic and cultural scene and food culture to the nightlife and the streets and neighbourhoods. You will find a wonderful mix of styles and cultures in all aspects of Rotterdam's everyday life, and the cultural scene is no different.

Renowned museums, art institutions and galleries display the most controversial art, both old and new. Even on the street in Rotterdam you will come across the most beautiful murals and street art. They give the city a unique, cosmopolitan vibe, where art and culture find fertile soil. You don’t even have to look for it; the public spaces are filled with art and culture.

As you walk the streets you will come across works by Rodin and Picasso belonging to the impressive collection of Sculpture International Rotterdam. These are interspersed with work by local artists and street art from the hip-hop scene.

Museum Park is the best place to enjoy the culture. Here you will find the Chabot Museum, Het Nieuwe Instituut and the Kunsthal, all within walking distance of each other. They offer a mix of old masters, modern art, contemporary design, photography, and fashion. In short, a city of many arts and cultures.


Rotterdam offers architecture enthusiasts a rich experience with diverse landmarks like De Markthal, Rotterdam Central Station, Timmerhuis, De Kunsthal, De Rotterdam, and the Van Nelle Fabriek.

The city's rebuilding after the 1940 bombing allowed for experimentation and innovation in architecture, exemplified by iconic structures such as the Cube Houses, Justus van Effen block, and Bergpolderflat.

Rotterdam's commitment to innovation is evident in projects like the revitalisation of Schieblock by ZUS, featuring the DakAkker rooftop with flowers and beehives. The Luchtsingel leads to Hofbogen Air Park, a former train station turned into a unique elevated green space.

The transformation of Katendrecht into a cherished neighborhood and the anticipated development of MerweVierhaven showcase Rotterdam's dynamic urban evolution.

Noteworthy is the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen's Depot building in the Museum Park, designed by MVRDV, representing the city's ongoing architectural dialogue and thirst for innovation.


There's never a dull moment in Rotterdam. Rotterdam is a city where you can experience extraordinary things at any time of day. Take the Nieuwe Maas river, for example. Racing across the water by water taxi may be quite normal for Rotterdamers, bit it's a unique experience for a visitor.

To explore the port, board the Spido boat; not only does it sail past shipyards and the Transshipmet area, but it also passes important Rotterdam icons like the Euromast, the Erasmus Bridge and the Hotel New York.

Rent a bike to explore the city, take a look at the Floating Farm, where futuristic farming is taking place, then visit nearby Weelde, a creative free state where you can also stop for a drink and a snack.

Rotterdam is one of the greenest cities in The Netherlands. The city provides plenty of opportunities to catch your breath, take a stroll, engage in sports, play outdoors or enjoy a barbecue or a delicious picnic. Enjoy the wonderful nature and extraordinary vegetation.

If you are interested in discovering the city and all the activities it has to offer, check out the official Rotterdam guide HERE.

Sustainable Rotterdam

Full of energy and with an urge for innovation, Rotterdam embraces experiments of all kinds. New ideas and initiatives will constantly surprise you, from a rooftop city garden to a music festival in the docks; from an exclusive rooftop bar to a Brewery in an old warehouse.

From trees floating on water to an old swimming pool magically transformed into a laboratory of the future with a focus on reducing waste where you can eat oyster mushrooms cultivated on coffee grounds. Exciting places also show how Rotterdam is developing into a sustainable city and society by constantly anticipating the future.

Rotterdam's green development is already fully visible in the Rijnhaven. The port is a testing ground for floating construction with a new attraction for architecture enthusiasts: the spectacular Floating Office designed by Powerhouse Company. The building is made entirely of wood, is self-sufficient and sustainable, and floats.

The UN climate institute Global Centre on Adaption has its headquarters here, and the architects of Powerhouse Company work on high-profile projects worldwide from this location. Meanwhile, a floating city park is rising around them, with lawns, trees, plants and a city beach.