“San Salvario” Heat Storage System Site Visit

On Monday, 22 May, attendees will have the opportunity to join a free site visit to the “San Salvario” Heat Storage System in Torino. Our strategic partner IREN will give attendees the chance to visit this marvellous site designed by architect Luciano Pia. The system combines technology and art, so register immediately and don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

A bus transfer will take you from the Lingotto Conference Centre to the visit. The tour will take about 50 minutes. Once the tour is over, you will be driven back to the Lingotto Conference Centre.

The “San Salvario” Heat Storage System

Iren has built a new Heat Storage System for district heating in the City of Torino (the most district-heated metropolis in Italy), which merges aspects of innovation with a very special architectural design. It combines attention to environmental sustainability and to the territory with cutting-edge technological solutions.

The “San Salvario” Heat Storage System, designed by architect Luciano Pia, consists of three accumulators of about 2,500 m³, serving about 2.2 Mln m³ of new users, a pumping and repumping station, and auxiliary services.

District heating is a system that generates considerable benefits from an environmental point of view: in fact, producing heat from a single source – for the same amount of energy produced – reduces emissions.

To integrate technology and green landscape, the structure also hosts terraces and themed roof gardens: in fact, there are almost 11,000 plantings of trees, climbing and ground cover shrubs, and herbaceous and shrubby plants that create a whole with technological intervention.

Therefore, the plant symbolises the “technology + green” combination with aesthetic and environmental advantages. Indeed, the plants make it possible to absorb CO2 that – added to that derived from the integration of thermal storage and renewable sources – generates an overall saving of 8,000 tons/year of CO2.

Lastly, the plant has also been designed to be a place open to citizens, thanks to the presence of a teaching room that allows schools and citizens to visit the facility, but also to host events such as concerts thanks to the acoustic characteristics with which it has been conceived, in a combination of technology and art.